our swimwear is designed in Canada and manufactured in China at a reputable facility. all bikinis are made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. our unique bands allow for customizable adjustments to accommodate comfort and a perfect fit. our fabric is comfortable and supportive and our cuts allow for optimal coverage while still allowing women to flaunt what they got.


our tops and bottoms are sold separately to allow for the perfect fitting bikini. the sizing chart below should help you determine what size will fit you best. if you are between sizes, keep in mind you can tighten the bands as needed due to the adjustable nature of our bikinis. if you have questions about sizing, contact us

TOPS (in inches)

the easiest way to find your size in a CECE SWIM top is to compare to your bra size. just find your band size and cup size and our chart will tell you what size top to order.


Bikini Top Sizing Guide


BOTTOMS (in inches)

to find the perfect size CECE SWIM bottom, just measure your waist (the smallest area of your torso) and measure your hips (the widest area of your bottom). then compare to our sizing chart below.


Bikini Bottom Sizing Guide



for optimal care of your CECE SWIM bikini, we recommend hand washing your swimwear in cold water with a gentle detergent, then laying flat to dry. when drying, keep your bikini out of the sun. never bleach, machine dry or iron your bikini. to prevent wrinkling, allow your swimwear to dry before packing it.

if you wear your CECE SWIM bikini in a chlorine hot tub or pool, be sure to rinse with fresh water immediately after.