we know that our values are extremely important to our community. that's why we aim to promote and employ the following values in everything we do. 


we love seeing women embrace their bodies and their differences. that's what led us to creating fashionable and flattering swimwear that aims for confidence in all wearers. this is why we don't photoshop any of our photos.


we advocate for the inclusion of diversity within the swimwear industry. we think a lack of representation within any industry is unacceptable. we like our marketing to reflect the inclusivity and diversity we believe in.


at CECE SWIM our processes are implemented with sustainability in mind. here are just some of the ways we do our part to reduce waste and keep the earth healthy: 

  • our shipping materials are compostable and/or recyclable
  • we keep our amount of waste low (hence our return policy
  • our products are packaged in reusable bags
  • we produce small inventory batches


our business was founded and is located in Vancouver, BC. we think it's important to provide Canadian women with an opportunity to shop Canadian swimwear. 


CECE SWIM is a female owned and run business. we love working with other female owned brands and supporting other women. if you would like to connect with our brand, contact us